Tea Cakes, Cakes, Muffins

We offer a variety of flavorful and distinctive full sized cakes, tea cakes and muffins for your enjoyment.

Tarts and Pies

Fruit tarts with a butter crust and vanillia custard filling, Italian almond tart with a raspberry glaze, cutie pies, and full sized pies made with seasonal fruit. 

Cookies and Pastries 

Childhood favorites such as chocolate chip, chocolate crinkle. gingersnap and lemon drop. Lovely, delicate pastries like shortbread and chocolate torte.
Goodies like Grandma used to make

Treasured Recipes
We have recipes that have been handed down from Grandma to Mom, to us!  We have also acquired treasured recipes from dear friends written on notecards, napkins and everything in between.
Each recipe has a connection and a story.
Tea Cakes, Cakes, Muffins
These treats are to be enjoyed with your afternoon tea, while visions of Downton Abbey swirl about.  
Ring ring, time for tea!
Tarts and Pies
Pie are wonderful anytime, with or without a 
dollop of ice cream! Tarts can be made in individual servings ~ to share or not to share, that is the question!
Cookies and Pastries 
These you can gobble up on the go if you like!
Run through Dunks, get your latte, and enjoy
a gingersnap on the side! 
Baked goods made with
wholesome natural ingredients